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For nearly a decade, our group has worked diligently to obtain a worldwide license that would enable us to help the world with a legal raffle that would award one billion dollars to a single winner, with a large portion of the proceeds going to various worldwide charitable and humanitarian organizations, such as the Red Cross, and the world's first disaster relief fund. With license in hand, we are excited to begin the Billion Dollar Raffle event! One of our goals is to address the significant increase in natural and manmade disasters. All too often though, everyone affected is caught off guard with insufficient funds to address the immediate emergency needs. Relief and rescue tends to be limited as government authorities and private charitable organizations scramble to raise the needed funds. Why does this all happen?

The simple fact is there is no organization or fund set up and dedicated strictly for disaster relief. Funds have to be shuffled around, reallocated, and/or even raised through concerts and other fundraisers. To add to the problem, the communication between the government and private sectors can be strained during such times.

We want to change all of that. We intend to generate large donations for various charitable causes, including a special fund we have setup to serve as the world's first dedicated international disaster relief program. This program will provide much needed funds to organizations involved in disaster relief efforts. It is our hope that we can fund efforts sufficiently, so that such organizations can do what they do best -- help people -- instead of worrying about raising the funds necessary. To learn more, please watch the video below and peruse this website. We hope you will join us in making future disaster relief efforts (and other charitable causes) more effective.

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Stage Two Beta Testing Launches in November, 2015!

We've Finally Made It!

It has taken us nearly a decade to get to this stage; finally, we attended our first conference in Las Vegas with other Avazoo team members. It seems like just yesterday that we got our license issued from the Philippines. When you consider how much work it took to get here, you will understand our excitement as we had this first major meeting of the minds. Not only were both Avazoo representatives and our regulators from the Philippines present, we also had the opportunity to meet some of our future sponsors, celebrities, and other industry professionals, who seemed overwhelmed, extremely positive, and very excited about our concept and vision on how Avazoo and the Billion Dollar Raffle will help millions of people around the world.

Even though we are a worldwide online raffle for charitable causes and we don't consider ourselves, even remotely, an online gaming company, we attended the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, on September 29 through October 1, to see how we would be received by the industry. Our team attended seminars, press releases, private events, and met many CEOs and Chairmen of some of the industry leaders. We interacted on a 1-on-1 basis with most, if not all, of the various vendors and exhibitors. The feedback was over-the-top encouraging, as they unanimously agreed that our concept of creating a designated foundation to fund disaster victims and funding it through a raffle game was brilliant.

After having our Avazoo team spend nearly a week with our licensing regulators, we have now received approval from the Philippine regulators to move forward to the next stage and begin beta testing our membership and random generator software. This means that, within the next few weeks, we will launch a daily and weekly raffle on our Communication Resource Center (Avazoo CRC). We anticipate officially opening on or before November 15, 2015.

Once Avazoo CRC is open, we will announce the date of the first beta test raffle, where you will all be able to win prize money, while donating to a good cause. Beta testing of the raffle software will run throughout the remainder of the year (or as long as necessary). We will hold daily and weekly raffles until we receive final approval from the regulators that the software and program has passed all due diligence. The launch of the billion dollar annual raffle will be announced once all of the testing has been completed and everything has been approved. If you would like to participate in the beta test raffles, the entry donation amount will be as small as five dollars per month. It will be designed and regulated in the same format as the Billion Dollar Raffle, including the opportunity to receive free entries. In addition, we will be allocating a minimum of 70% of the raffle revenue for charitable causes and prizes, with our main focus set on helping the Avazoo International Disaster Foundation.

Keep an eye out for an email or post on our Facebook page, announcing the official opening of the Avazoo Communication Resource Center. If you have not yet been added to the list, click here to be added.

Avazoo exists to help others.

Avazoo is proud to have been featured by Black Tie Magazine.


BREAKING NEWS: -- After many years of diligent work to achieve an online raffle license for charitable purposes, it was finally awarded May 5, 2015! See below for all updates.

Avazoo Receives International Raffle Operator License


(And to all those who will benefit!)

Finally, after nearly a decade of dedicated effort to receive a worldwide raffle license for charitable purposes, North Cagayan Gaming and Amusement Corporation, under its license with the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) of the Philippines, has appointed Avazoo as an official International Raffle Operator! (We are officially listed as one of NGCAC's official appointed operators here.) It was approved on a day that has significant meaning: Not only was the license issued on a day that has three 5s (5/5/15), which is considered lucky by many, the actual license number also had multiple fives in its issuance. This alone tells us that the timing is right. We are ready to launch the first worldwide charitable raffle drawing that will not just benefit tens of thousands of people around the world... One lucky person will become a Billionaire and another 100 winners will become Millionaires!

Click here to read our most recent press release.

Cagayan - One of the Most Promising Places to Be of the World.

Cagayan is a beautiful province of the Philippines and we highly recommend visiting this area. It is blessed with unspoiled beaches and picturesque islands. Cabo Engaño, one of the most beautiful locations in the province, will be home to the administrative office of Avazoo Worldwide Corporation and the fully licensed Billion Dollar Raffle!

We are in the final process of opening our offices in Cagayan, and once we have launched and are up and fully operational, you will be more than welcome to stop by anytime to visit our facilities and meet our hardworking staff, if you are ever in the Philippines.

Cagayan - One of the Most Promising Places to Be of the World.
Jay Leno and Avazoo President Dr. Hans Reinisch

Dr. Hans Reinisch has a more than 25 year track record in worldwide CEO positions in Europe, Australia, Caribbean and the US. In one of his Top Fortune 500 enterprises, he served as a Managing Director and CEO of EMI Music/Capitol Records in Europe.

Several additional ventures in media and entertainment industries and various entrepreneurial tourism developments all around the world complete his impressive resume.

Avazoo is proud to be led by Dr. Hans Reinisch with his international experience in the entertainment industry, respected by worldwide entrepreneurs, organizations and top celebrities. His PhD in Management and passion for philanthropy makes him to the perfect choice as the Chairman of our company.

Our mission is to help those whose lives have been turned upside down because of their own personal circumstances, illnesses, and/or natural disasters. By coming together as one around the world, we can overcome these challenges and make a difference to the less fortunate.

In order to do so, we have designed a raffle game where worldwide patrons can participate in our mission through making a membership donation and very possibly be rewarded for their effort in helping others. We did not reinvent the wheel; we just put a new twist on it. Just as most lotteries around the world give to educational programs, Avazoo will give back to the world through a year-long Billion Dollar Raffle event. This will become known as the world's largest charitable event ever and will continue for years to come. This will be accomplished as 70% of all Avazoo Membership donations will be held by third-party worldwide-recognized auditing firms, and all donations will be issued directly to the designated charitable causes within 30-days of the first Billion Dollar Raffle drawing event.

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