OLD – Are You Ready to Win One BILLION Dollars?

Are You Ready to Win
One BILLION Dollars?

After over a decade in the making, we are finally here. Avazoo has created the world’s first legal Billion Dollar Raffle. Yes, one person will win one BILLION dollars (US$1,000,000,000), paid with one single check. This will be the largest prize ever to be given away in any raffle or lottery. And guess what… even more will be raised for charity!

You can win $1,000,000,000!
Only 50 million tickets and a 1-in-3 chance of winning a cash prize!

Play and make a difference to others: 70% of our gross profits will be donated to non-profit organizations and third world countries to improve lives.

Mega Prizes

With the Billion Dollar Raffle, you have a rare chance to join the world’s financial elite by becoming an instant billionaire. If you’re not the winner, you still have a chance to win up to a million dollars in cold hard cash!

How to Play

It’s so easy to play in our Billion Dollar Raffle! You can even earn additional free entries to maximize their your probability of winning a prizes. With a 1-in-3 chance of winning a cash prize, there’ll be over 16 million winners.

Mega Causes

2020 has been a devestating year for the entire world. Our raffle will raise BILLIONS of dollars for various causes all around the world. You can help us bring much needed funds to those working hard to make a change.

Game Changer

Our Billion Dollar Raffle business model guarantees that 70% of all players money will be held in a third-party escrow account, and audited in compliance with the regulators of our online international raffle license.

Our pre-launch and official launch are both set for early 2021. Join our waiting list by clicking the button below to reserve your ticket. These tickets will not be for sale in United States, so if you are a resident of any of U.S. states or territories, this may well be your only opportunity.

No Commitment, No Payment, No Credit Card Info Taken.

Avazoo is proud to be led by Dr. Hans Reinisch, former Managing Director and CEO of EMI Music/Capitol Records in Europe. His 25 years as CEO of organizations in Europe, Australia, Caribbean and the US, as well his experience in the entertainment industry, PhD in Management and his passion for philanthropy makes him the perfect Chairman of our Board.